Cincinnati Police Going Green with New SUVs

Nov 11, 2009

According to Toyota Motor Sales USA,the Cincinnati Police Department is adding the Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUVs to its fleet.

The 270-hp Highlanders will be converted into K-9 units, supporting bomb-sniffing dogs and counter-terrorism specialists. With the addition of these SUVs, the Cincinnati Police Department will have a total of eight Highlander Hybrids in its vehicle fleet.


Toyota has been working with Cincinnati’s K-9 team for several years, ever since it helped the force acquire and train a patrol dog. Named “Tundra” after Toyota’s full-size pickup, the canine is considered one of the best K-9 agents of its kind in the country.  In 2004, the Cincinnati Police Department hosted the 2004 United States Police Canine Regional Trials, and Toyota contributed $15,000 in support of the local competition.


The Cincinnati Police conducted K-9 demonstrations for company employees at the Cincinnati Regional Sales Office on Nov. 2. During the event, K-9 officers conducted simulated scenarios specifically for dogs trained in bomb and drug detection and standard patrol situations. A few converted, police-owned Highlander Hybrids were also on display.


Photo courtesy of al-shuaib under the Creative Commons License.