Ford to Introduce Inflatable Seatbelts

Nov 06, 2009

Ford Motor Co. announced this week that it will soon begin equipping some of its vehicles with inflatable seat belts that the company says will help to reduce the number of injuries from auto accidents.


The inflatable rear seat belts will first become available next year on the next-generation Explorer SUVs and will become more widespread over time, Ford said in its press release.


The increased diameter of the inflatable belts helps to secure rear seat passengers in the appropriate seating position, which will help to reduce injuries to the head, chest and neck.


“Ford is pioneering inflatable seat belt technology to help enhance crash safety protection, while encouraging more people to buckle up with a more comfortable belt,” Paul Mascarenas, Ford’s vice president engineering and global product development, said in a statement.


According to the company’s research, Ford says that 90 percent of drivers indicated that the new inflatable belts are similar to or more comfortable than traditional seat belts.


A video of the new belts in action is available via YouTube.


Photo courtesy of bennylin0724 under the Creative Commons License.