Frito-Lay Fleet Reduces Collisions by 70%

Nov 05, 2009

According to a statement issued by thePepsiCo-owned company, Frito-Lay North America has seen a 70% reduction in vehicular collisions since 1999, due to both its extensive safety efforts and the company’s Million Milers program.


Frito-Lay awards the designation of “Million Miler” to any driver that has driven an increment of 1 million miles without an accident.  This year, 95 of the company’s over-the-road drivers passed the milestones of 1, 2, or 3 million accident-free miles.  The company now has over 500 “Million Milers” active on the roads each day, almost a full 40 percent of its U.S. drivers.  7 drivers have driven over 3 million miles without an accident during their careers at Frito-Lay.


This year’s class of “Million Milers” was recognized by Frito-Lay’s top executives at an annual event at the company’s national headquarters in Plano, Texas.


The company states that Frito-Lay drivers uses driving simulators, skill-honing training courses, and team collaborations on best practices to create a positive culture of safety in its workforce and help its drivers maintain the skills they need to stay safe on the road.


Photo courtesy of austinboardman under the Creative Commons License.