Cargo Thieves Going to Greater Lengths

Nov 04, 2009

An ongoing study of trends in cargo theft is finding that commercial cargo thieves are becoming bolder and more sophisticated with their crimes, and even striking more often than before.  There has also been an increase in the number of violent incidents during cargo thefts in the third quarter of this year.


The Supply Chain ISAC Report of Cargo Theft Activity for the third quarter of 2009 was compiled and issued by LoJack Supply Chain Integrity

According to the report, carrier terminals and yards are still the locations in which the majority of thefts take place.  This trend reveals the brazen nature of modern cargo thieves- finding vehicles to rob from even when they are protected by surveillance and other security systems and targeting specific loads of cargo.


“That thieves targeted carrier facilities this quarter more so than in the past indicates they are getting more sophisticated and more organized,” Robert Furtado, president & CEO of LoJack SCI, told FleetOwner Magazine. “It takes more planning and more people to steal cargo from a carrier’s terminal. It also means they are targeting specific goods, rather than taking a ‘shotgun’ approach by stealing a load at random from a truck stop.”

As for violent incidents related to cargo theft, the survey found that seven violent cargo robberies were reported in the third quarter, with one happening at a truck stop and six occurring on streets and highways.  LoJack warned that commercial fleets and cargo carriers should re-examine their protocols for the safety and security of their vehicles, cargo, and drivers based on this trend.


The most-stolen commodity in the report was food, rising to the number one spot after slipping to number three in the second quarter report.  Second place on the list went to consumer electronics.


Photo courtesy of richardsinyem under the Creative Commons License.