Transit Connect Goes Electric in 2010

Nov 03, 2009

Ford announced this week that it will be working with Azure Dynamics Corporation to build and distribute a pure battery electric Transit Connect van for the United States and Canadian markets in 2010.  Azure will be integrating its Force Drive battery electric drive train into the existing Transit Connect for commercial fleet and retail use.


“We recognize an increasing interest in electrified vehicles and have an aggressive strategy to bring these vehicles to the marketplace,” said Nancy Gioia, Ford director of global electrification. “Our work with Azure to create a pure electric battery Transit Connect vehicle will allow us to offer our commercial customers an additional option for environmentally friendly transportation.”


The battery-powered Transit Connect will be one of four electric vehicles that Ford will make available over the next three years, including:

  • Battery electric Transit Connect van in 2010
  • Battery electric Ford Focus passenger car in 2011
  • Next-generation hybrid vehicle in 2012
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicle in 2012

“The opportunity to work with Ford on the Transit Connect BEV is a breakthrough advancement for us at Azure and for the light commercial vehicle market,” said Scott Harrison, Azure Dynamics CEO. “For Azure, it’s an important evolution of our existing relationship with Ford. From an industry standpoint, we are seeing delivery fleet and utility vehicle operator’s move to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. The Transit Connect BEV will come to market at an ideal time to meet this growing trend.”


The Transit Connect BEV will offer fleet owners the opportunity to eliminate the use of gasoline and help to lower operating costs. The vehicle will be branded with both the Ford Blue Oval and Azure’s Force Drive logo.


Photo courtesy of crazytales562 under the Creative Commons License.