Chevrolet Caprice Resurrected for Police Fleets

Oct 07, 2009

With the Ford Crown Victoria going out of production, police fleets around the country need a new car for future patrol cars. Now Chevrolet has provided one answer: The new 2011 Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle.  The new Caprice is a full-sized rear wheel drive sedan that will be available in both V-6 and V-8 models, with a range of specialized equipment for law enforcement.


Chevrolet announced the rollout at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Denver. The Caprice PPV will be available for order by law enforcement agencies next year and will begin production in 2011.


The Chevy Caprice has a history in law enforcement.  The old Caprice joined America’s police forces in 1976, and continued to serve until it was scrapped in 1996 when GM discontinued body-on-frame designs.


The new Caprice PPV has been augmented for law enforcement duty with modern equipment and new features:

  • 6.0L V-8 with fuel-saving Active Fuel Management technology and E-85. (V-6 engine will also be offered, beginning in the 2012 model year)
  • Optional front-seat-only side curtain air bags.
  • Two trunk-mounted batteries, with one dedicated to powering various police equipment.
  • Designed for five-passenger seating, providing the upper-center section of the dashboard is used for equipment mounting without the concern of air bag deployment interference.
  • Compatibility with in-dash touch-screen computer technology.
  • Special front seats designed for the long-term comfort of officers, including space to accommodate the bulk of a typical equipment belt.

The new Caprice is based on GM’s global rear-wheel drive family of vehicles that includes theCamaro.  It has the longest wheelbase of the series (118.5 inches) plus a four-wheel independent suspension that allows for super-responsive driving characteristics critical to police.


The Caprice’s 6.0L V-8 is rated at an estimated 355 horsepower (265 kW) with an estimated 384 lb.-ft. of torque, and is backed by a six-speed automatic transmission that is performance-calibrated for police duty.


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