Ford Fleet Sales Rise 23%

Oct 05, 2009

In another sign that the auto industry may be seeing signs of relief from its economic woes, Ford Motor Company reported this week that in September 2009, sales of fleet vehicles rose 23%.  However, retail sales dropped by 14%.


Of all Ford brands, “the 2010 Taurus in the last couple of months has had the best sales figures,” according to astatement by George Pipas, Ford sales analyst.  Ford’s September sales report showed a total sale of 5,077 Taurus vehicles, up 60% from September 2008.


In addition to the Taurus’ success, the F-Series truck saw a second consecutive sales increase in September, with numbers up 4%.


This continues an upward trend in fleet sales for Ford.  In August, the automaker posted fleet sales of 176,323- up 17% from August 2008.


Photo courtesy of resedabear under the Creative Commons License.