Truck Driver Named Highway Angel

Sep 17, 2009
The Truckload Carriers Association is honoring Anderson Trucking Service driver Larry Goessens with its “Highway Angel” award after helping motorists in need on a cold night.  On February 4th, two sisters driving on Interstate 64 in Kentucky suffered a tire blowout.  Due to the heavy snow that was falling at the time, the car immediately slid off the road.  To make matters worse, the spare tire in the trunk of their car was flat as well.

Goessens witnessed the incident and stopped his truck to help the stranded women.  He managed to pull the car out of the roadside ditch and drove all the way to the next town to have the spare tire repaired.  He then returned to the scene of the accident and replaced the flat tire with the newly-fixed spare.

Rhonda Davis, the driver of the vehicle, was amazed by Goessens’ random act of kindness. “This may not be a big deal to some people, but you would not believe how many people just drove right by me, standing on the side of the road,” she wrote in a letter to Goessens’ employers. “It was snowing to beat the dickens, and I am an old lady! … It was as if God himself sent this man to help me.”

“It seems like today’s truck drivers get such a raw deal that I felt it was important for me to write this letter and let you know just how important the good ones really are,” Davis wrote. “He froze his rear-end off changing that tire for us … and he wouldn’t let me pay him for his time and trouble. … Truckers are so underappreciated that I have a newfound respect for them and the vital services they provide for our great country.”

Goessens will receive a commemorative pin, patch, and award certificate from the TCA for his heroic actions.  Anderson Trucking Service will also receive a certificate acknowledging that one of its drivers is a certified Highway Angel.

Photo courtesy of ishrona under the Creative Commons License.