DMV Fee Hikes May Drain Small Business Fleets

Sep 14, 2009
As of September 1st, fees at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles have increased by 25%, according to  For some local fleet owners, this change has the potential to hit them very hard in the pocket.

Residents of New York will now have to pay $64.50 for the standard eight-year driver’s license fee as opposed to $50.  Registration for an average passenger vehicle for a two-year period will now cost $55, up from $44 last year.  Commercial vehicle registration fees will increase from $3 to $52 depending on the weight of the vehicle.

In addition to these increases, all vehicles registered or renewed after April 2010 will be required to purchase new license plates for a $25 fee.

The DMV has stated that the agency’s fees were raised in order to help reduce the state’s budget deficit.  Any extra money made from the new fees will finance infrastructure projects.

Tom Mailey, spokesman for Stewart’s Shops in Sarasota Springs, said the increased fees and new license plate costs have added to the amount of money his company loses to the state. With a fleet of over 100 vehicles, the new fees could really add up.

“We’re already in a position where we estimate about a third of every dollar that’s spent in one of our shops goes out in taxes,” Mailey said.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Flinger under the Creative Commons License.