Commercial Drivers Less Likely to Buckle Up

Sep 09, 2009
A recent survey conducted by the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization and South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance found that only 72% of commercial vehicle drivers wear seat belts.  Male drivers were found to be less likely to buckle up than female drivers.

The rate of use for male drivers in the survey was only 71%, compared to a rate of 89% among women.  The average regional rate of seatbelt use for passenger vehicles is 90%. The lowest rate of use among commercial drivers was in concrete trucks, which topped out at 32%. Tow trucks (54%), trash trucks (57%), and tanker trucks (59%) were the next lowest.

In order to be counted in the survey, vehicles were required to be the size of a single unit truck or larger and had to carry a business logo somewhere on the vehicle.

The survey also found that commercial drivers were more likely to use a cell phone while driving. Commercial drivers used their phones 6% of the time, while passenger vehicle drivers only used theirs for 4%.

The full report can be found by by visiting the SJTSA website.  Seat belts prevent up to $100 million in annual safety costs per one percent increase in use and reduce the risk of traffic fatalities by 60-70%, so please remember to use your seatbelt every time you get behind the wheel and make sure your fleet does the same.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Giesecke-Green under the Creative Commons License.