Michelin Supports Rating Tires for Fuel Efficiency

Sep 01, 2009
Michelin North America Inc. has filed comments with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that support a proposed program to provide customers with information about the fuel efficiency of tires.  The program is currently in the rulemaking phase.

If the proposed program were to be implemented, a system of rankings for consumer tire fuel efficiency would be created “that will clearly communicate to consumers at the point of sale the fuel efficiency of individual tires via an objective rating system,” say MNA officials.

“Michelin further supports setting maximum rolling resistance standards for all passenger tires sold in the U.S. to guarantee minimum levels of tire fuel efficiency performance and spur further progress in tire performance.”

“Tires account for up to 20% of fuel consumption for passenger vehicles. Allowing consumers to understand this fact and compare fuel economy performance among tire brands at the point of purchase is an important step in improving the overall fuel efficiency of vehicles, reducing fuel costs to consumers and lessening the impact of road transportation on the environment.”

Photo courtesy of The Dana Files under the Creative Commons License.