Fleets Adopting Social Networking

Aug 17, 2009
It seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing the phrase “social networking” these days. The use of sites like Facebook and Twitter for keeping people up to date on everything from their friends’ sandwich preferences to big business announcements has skyrocketed since their inception, with no end in sight.  Not surprisingly, fleet owners have begun using social networking sites to improve their business.

In a recent poll, fleet managers who use social networking sites made their preferences known. 41 percent use the business contact-oriented LinkedIn, with Facebook the second most popular site at 32 percent.  12 percent of those surveyed also use Twitter for fleet purposes.

Social networking allows people with similar interests and ideas to form an online community where information is shared immediately and effectively.  The increasing popularity of these sites make them very effective tools for keeping customers and employees up to date on company information.

Does your fleet tweet? Check out the FleetCards USA Twitter feed by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of benstein under the Creative Commons License.