Ford Ramps Up Production on Top Sellers

Aug 14, 2009
Ford motor company announced this week that overwhelming demand due to Cash for Clunkers will lead to an increase in production of the two most-purchased cars under the program: The Ford Escape and the Ford Focus.

The increase in production has boosted Ford’s third quarter production numbers to 13 percent above Q3 2008.  Ford also plans to make 570,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter, 15 percent more than Q3 and 33 percent higher that last year’s Q4 numbers.  This increase represents not only the Focus and Escape production hikes, but stretches across a wide range of cars, crossovers, and trucks.

In August and September, Ford will produce an additional 3,500 Escapes.  The automaker is working with employee unions to request overtime and extra shipments to ensure an “uninterrupted flow of product.”

With the increase in Ford production and Cash For Clunkers picking up steam, now may be a good time to replenish your fleet!

Photo courtesy of baekken under the Creative Commons License