Honda’s Natural Gas-Powered Civic GX Comes to Utah Fleets

Aug 13, 2009
As of July 30th, dealers in Utah are now selling the Honda Civic GX, a natural gas-powered car, to their customers on a retail basis.  Honda has eight dealers in Utah, two of which are already offering the GX as a fleet vehicle.

“The expansion of Honda’s Civic GX retail program is an expression of our commitment to natural gas vehicle technology,” said Elmer Hardy, senior manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Sales & Marketing, in a recent press release. “Honda seeks market opportunities for the Civic GX where strong natural gas refueling infrastructure exists, and we continue to see its promise as a clean, sustainable, domestically-sourced alternative fuel.”

Built on the same line as the standard Civic sedan, the GX has been available to the average consumer in California and New York for a few years.  However, the GX has enjoyed great success as a fleet vehicle, with a total of 129 dealers in 32 states.  Utah dealers’ new deal with Honda allows for a $4,000 federal and $3,000 state tax credit to be passed on directly to the customer.  And as if that weren’t enough, the GX saves even more money by way of its fuel.  In Utah, natural gas is priced at 99 cents per gasoline gallon equivalent.  The GX runs efficiently, with an estimated city/highway fuel economy of 24/36.

Honda is hoping that the widespread use of the GX and other natural-gas powered cars will reduce nationwide emissions and pave the way for other technologies, mainly hydrogen fuel cells, to be embraced in the future of fleet and consumer operations.

Photo courtesy of Rockershirt under the Creative Commons License.