5 Ways to Save on Fuel

Aug 13, 2009
Tips from fleet operators like you

collected some tips of the trade from fleet operators who’ve figured out ways to save (that maybe you haven’t).

Ship it to save a trip

“We are moving toward a system in which we drop ship medical supplies to the patient’s home. Shipping costs are outweighed by alleviating the cost of having the clinician come into the office to pick up supplies,” said Larry Leahy, vice president of Foundation Management Services, a home care and hospice services provider in the Southwest.

Weigh Your Delivery

Gem Plumbing
of Lincoln, R.I. weighs every delivery, says Larry Gemma, co-owner.  Each truck used to haul 1,139 plumbing parts. The company removed 300 pounds of unneeded parts from each truck, and now the miles per gallon on each truck improved from 7.1 to 7.35.

Find the Cheapest Gas

The article reminds us that fuel prices can and will vary as much as 20¢ per gallon within a couple miles. So before you set out, find the cheapest gas on your route by visiting GasBuddy.com.

Email Fuel-Saving Tips to Drivers

Shelly Lofgren, a fleet manager for Honeywell International, signs off her emails with fuel-savings tips like maintaining proper tire inflation, maintaining posted highway speeds and no unnecessary idling.

Get a Fleet Fuel Card

A fuel management program not only controls fuel costs, but operating costs as well. It’s a good way to prevent unauthorized driver purchases, by regulating when, where and how it can be used. There are lots of programs out there. Be sure you find the card that fits your fleet.

Photo courtesy of Hey Paul under the Creative Commons License.