Toyota Announces Price for Safety Connect

Aug 12, 2009
Toyota has announced the annual subscription price for its new telematics system, Safety Connect.  Safety Connect will first become an option on the 2010 Toyota Prius, with a one-year complementary trial of the service provided with all purchases of equipped vehicles.  After the trial period has expired, a one year renewal will be available for $139.95.

Safety Connect provides a 24-hour-a-day communications link between a driver’s vehicle and the Safety Connect Response Center.  Using embedded cellular and GPS technology, vehicles monitored by Safety Connect will have access to important safety features:

Automatic Collision Detection:
In the event of a severe rear-end collision or deployment of the airbags, Safety Connect will notify the Response Center to contact the driver.  If the driver is unable to respond, the operator will treat the call as an emergency and deploy local emergency services as needed.

Stolen Vehicle Locator
: If a vehicle equipped with the system is stolen, Safety Connect can be an invaluable tool for local law enforcement to recover the vehicle.  After filing a police report for the theft of the vehicle, the owner can activate the service with the Safety Connect response center.  GPS transmitters are then used to determine the location of the car.

Emergency Assistance On Demand
: In the event of any emergency, a driver can contact Safety Connect’s response center at the touch of a button. An operator will speak with the driver, assess the situation, and take any action that is necessary to resolve the emergency, such as contacting local emergency crews and other roadside assistance.

Safety Connect will be available on all 2010 Prius vehicles manufactured after August 1st.

On-Demand emergency assistance systems are a growing market.  Is your fleet equipped to handle anything?

Photo courtesy of King Chung Huang under the Creative Commons License.