Texting Truck Driver Takes a Plunge

Aug 10, 2009
We’ve talked about the dangers of driver distraction before, but here’s a little reminder to be extra careful on the road.

Tow truck driver Nicholas Sparks found himself in trouble last week when he crashed into a car, careened out of control through a fence and the house behind it before finally ending up with his truck in a swimming pool.  The cause of the accident?  Sparks was not only text messaging on a cell phone, but was talking on a second phone.

According to The Buffalo News, Sparks failed to notice a car that had stopped to make a turn and ran into it with his truck, which was towing two vehicles with motorcycles on the bed.  The occupants of the car, 68-year-old Lily White and her 8-year old great-niece Kiara McDowell both sustained injuries in the crash: White hit her head, while the young girl suffered wrist injuries.  Sparks admitted to being distracted by his two phones when he hit the car.

After colliding with the car, Sparks’ truck flew through a nearby yard and grazed a house, with one of the vehicles in tow colliding with the house.  The truck then broke through a privacy fence and came to rest in the home’s backyard swimming pool.

An investigation is currently underway to confirm the charges of reckless driving, talking on a cellular phone, and following too closely.  Investigators will examine Sparks’ phone records to make sure he was indeed talking on the phone at the time of the incident.

Photo courtesy of jack dorsey under the Creative Commons License.