Emissions Violations Result in Hefty Fine for California Fleet

Aug 06, 2009
A heavy-duty diesel fleet in Fontana, California has been fined $22,875 by the California Air Resources Board this week for failing to inspect its vehicles to ensure compliance with state emissions standards.  The ARB confirmed that Dispatch Transportation, Inc. had failed to conduct smoke tests on their vehicles in both 2007 and 2008.

ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols commented: “To be competitive in today’s economy, being a green business is essential. Proprietors who think business-as-usual means bypassing California clean air laws are making a reputation as dirty dealers.”

In addition to the fine levied against the company, Dispatch Transportation Inc. must complete several other requirements:

Staff members responsible for compliance with the diesel truck emission inspection program must attend diesel education courses and provide certificates of completion this year.

Instruct vehicle operators to comply with the state’s idling regulations.

Complete heavy-duty diesel engine technology upgrades in compliance with regulations.

Supply all smoke inspection records to ARB for the next four years.

Properly label engines to ensure compliance with the engine emissions certification program regulations.

Most of the money from the fine will benefit the California Air Pollution Control Fund, with the rest allocated to other air pollution resource centers and diesel education class funds.  For some tips on reducing your fleet’s emissions, click here.

Photo courtesy of Simone Ramella under the Creative Commons License.