AT&T Navigator iPhone App

Jul 02, 2009
Last week, AT&T released its voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS iPhone app, AT&T Navigator, specifically for the iPhone 3GS and earlier iPhone models with the OS 3.0 software update.

In addition to being able to display daily gas prices and one-touch rerouting, some fleet-friendly features include:

Voice and On-Screen Turn-By-Turn Directions: Real-time voice and visual guidance, including street names, automatic re-routes, ETA, total mileage updates and multiple route options.

Speech Recognition: Touch and talk capability for instant turn-by-turn directions to destination.

Traffic Alerts: Real-time route monitoring and proactive searches every five minutes for traffic congestion or incident.

3D Maps: Full-color 3D moving maps provide details on current location, plus streets and interstates within driving distance.

Business Listings: One-touch access to more than 10 million business listings from YELLOWPAGES.COM. Plus, access to business ratings, phone numbers and one-touch dialing.

In-Route Customization: Find convenient rest stops for gas, food and other needs along their current route – saving both time and mileage.

The app is yours for $9.99 a month from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

So what do you think:  a helpful high-tech tool that creates fleet efficiencies? Or another driver distraction?