Minivans Rule Used-Vehicle Market for May

Jun 08, 2009

Their affordability and utility are not just for moms

Sales within the used-vehicle market flattened out through May with car values depreciating 0.8 percent overall. Just five of Kelley Blue Book’s 20 segments continued to appreciate. Among them, minivans were the biggest gainer at 2 percent appreciation, according to

It was reported that Kelley Blue Book expects sales on hybrid vehicles, subcompacts, and compact crossovers to peak or depreciate in coming months.

Strong mid-size and full-size Fords such as the Fusion and Five-Hundred contributed to a 0.1 percent segment gain.

Full-size Fords performed well, however, the Chrysler 300 dropped 4.5 percent and the Pontiac G8 sank 4.0 percent, slightly dragging the category down 1.0 percent.

Truck segments appeared stable with pickup trucks sales flat, crossovers down 0.8 percent, SUVs increased 0.6 percent, and vans up 0.9 percent.

The mid- and full-size SUV segment was up .4 and 1.7 percent in May, respectively.

Crossover values dropped 0.8 percent because of declines in its compact, luxury, and hybrid lines.

Minivans improved 2 percent, which was more than any other segment during May. The article summed up the sales lift by saying “The relative affordability and utility offered by minivans are the main drivers providing lift in this segment…and it is difficult to beat the value offered by minivans, especially when cross shopping against more expensive crossovers and SUVs.”

Top minivans performers were the Dodge Caravan, Chevrolet Uplander, and Nissan Quest.

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