GM To Continue Fleet Operations with Some Possible Delays

Jun 05, 2009
In the wake of filing for bankruptcy, GM’s Fleet and Commercial Operations General Manager Jim Campbell posted a statement on the company’s website assuring fleet owners and operators that they will be protected as the company is restructured.

In the letter, Campbell assures that GM “intends to honor 2009 fleet agreements for ordered and out of stock purchases, including applicable statements”, “honor warranty commitments given at the time of purchase to owners” and that “service for all brands will continue to be available through authorized GM service facilities, with genuine GM parts”.

The letter also states that GM plans to continue with vehicle production and that GM is “fully committed to to the fleet and commercial business.

On a separate posting, GM answers some FAQ’s concerning the filing, the automaker announced that their could be some delays on current vehicle and supply orders, but the their Fleet Operations Center (1 800 FLEET OPS) will continue to operate without interruption.

The FAQ section also goes into great detail on parts and services concerns and fleet customer incentive programs.

If you own or operate a fleet you purchased from GM, the site does a pretty good job at addressing concerns.

Read the letter from Jim Campbell and the FAQ here