You Talk, Your Car Listens

Jun 03, 2009

New Ford Technology Allows You to Sync Your Ride

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how the auto industry’s is going green, but getting lost in that is how high-tech your next fleet vehicle might be as well.

You may be aware of Ford’s SYNC system, that allows you to play music and make phone calls with the touch of a button or through voice command, but like most great tech gadgets, new applications just keep coming.

The system works with most media players and with Bluetooth enabled phones and now has applications that you can download which will call local 911 in the event of an accident and will speak to the operator if the driver is unable to speak.

which was launched in 2008, will be factory installed with updated features into all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, beginning with recent 2010 models.

The updated system is also offering personalized traffic reports featuring text-message traffic alerts, turn-by-turn driving directions and voice activated searches for the latest business information, news, sports and weather up dates.

Perhaps the most useful feature to fleet managers is the VHR report that allows you to monitor diagnostic system’s statuses and alerts owners of any dealer recalls.

If you have Ford vehicles in your Fleet that feature SYNC, but don’t have 911 Assist or Vehicle Health Reports, your dealer can provide software installation.

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