Lost Art of C-B Lingo: S – T

Jun 01, 2009
It’s that time of the week to pop in a Willie Nelson 8-track and roll through the next set of letters in our CB dictionary. By now, fleet managers from sea to shining sea should be able to talk the talk when they’re putting the pedal to the medal, but we can’t stop until we get to the end of the road, so without further adieu here’s you lingo for the through weeks featuring the letters S-T:


Sailboat fuel – Running on empty

Salt mines – Place of employment

Scrub brush – Street cleaning truck

Shot an eyeball on it – Saw it

Shovelling coal – Accelerating

Show-off lane – Passing lane

Skates – Tires

Smile and comb your hair – Radar trap up ahead

Smokey Bear – State Police

Smokey with a camera – Cop with radar

Someone spilled honey on the road – State troopers ahead everywhere

Stop to get groceries – Stop and eat

Straight Shot – Road is clear of police and other obstructions

Sunbeam – A CB’er who livens the channel with witticisms


Tearjerker – A CB’er who always cries the blues

Tooled-up – A souped up rig

Trading Stamps – Money

Turkey – Dumb

Turn Twenty – Location of exit or turn

Two miles of ditches for every mile of road – Drive safely, keep in the middle

Check back with us next week for a run down of the letters U-V-W, or you can get a dictionary full of terms from the book, Woody’s World of CB.

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