HERO Unit Gets 3-year Sponsorship Deal

May 27, 2009

State Farm Insurance pays $5 million+

With a 300-mile daily route to cover, Atlanta’s Highway Emergency Response Operator unit (HERO) got some major roadside assistance this past week with a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal heading into busy summer travel season, according to Fox 5 news.

State Farm Insurance
signed a three-year $5.7 million agreement with Georgia’s HERO unit that includes a two-year renewal option at $1.8 million a year, plus, logos on all HERO vehicles and uniforms.

Governor Purdue praised the partnership.

“The sponsorship, through State Farm, will help us continue and enhance the program going forward. Any relationships, like this, that we can have, I think is a great partnership,” said Perdue.

The report states that HERO assistance has increased almost 100 percent in the last five years.

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