Fleets 2.0

May 14, 2009
Keeping your business connected.

Some of the smartest small businesses out there today stay ahead by keeping up with the latest technology. We’ve rounded up a short list of mobile phone applications that we love for fleet businesses on the move:
  • Cheap Gas (Free, iPhone): Just like the name says, this application will help you find the cheapest gas nearest to your current location. Powered by our friends at GasBuddy.com, the app will also map the shortest route to the station from your current location.
  • FYI Mileage ($4.99, iPhone): Track your business and personal mileage quickly and easily. Application supports multiple drivers and vehicles, and data can be exported to a .CSV or HTML format. Of course, we strongly recommend using the reporting that your fleet card provides to track mileage.
  • iXpenseIt ($4.99, iPhone): Simplify daily expense tracking for easy reimbursement of travel expenses. IXpenseIt will store photo receipts, itemize expenses and track them against your allotted budget.
  • Rest Area (.99, iPhone): This application will retrieve the closest rest area to your current location, as well as provide detailed information about the area’s facilities.
  • Take Me to My Car (Free, iPhone): Like the name says, if you often forget where you parked your big-rig (and who doesn’t?), this application will remember for you. Before you get out of your vehicle, tap to save your current location. Then when you’re ready to leave, start the application for turn-by-turn (with compass!) direction back to your ride. We predict this will be a life-saver at the holiday season.
  • TeleNav GPS Navigator (monthly subscription, Blackberry): Turn your Blackberry into a full-fledged GPS, complete with turn-by-turn directions, 3-D maps, and a directory full of information by category.
  • WeatherBug (monthly subscription, Blackberry): Check the conditions of the road before you hit it with WeatherBug mobile. Similar to the web version, you can get live, local weather updates and detailed forecasts of what’s to come.

These are just a few of the applications out there that can help you run your business more efficiently. What applications would you recommend adding to this list?

Photo copyright of Johan Larsson under the Creative Commons License