Truck stop dentist

May 12, 2009
When truckers need gas they pull into the next truck stop. When truckers need emergency dental care, they pull in to the Iowa 80 Truckstop, Exit 284 off Interstate 80, recently reported.

As the story goes, Dr. Thomas P. Roemer runs a mobile dentist office parked at the self-proclaimed world’s largest truckstop — with an estimated 5,000 long-haul truckers daily. Back in the 90s, he had a practice in Davenport and kept getting calls from truckers at the nearby Iowa 80 Truckstop. Word spread about a one-man truck stop dentist, business steadily rolled in and Roemer closed the old brick-and-mortar office to concentrate on the one on wheels.

He now shares a parking lot with 35,000 potential customers a week, and as many as 15 a day might visit Dr. Roemer. But they don’t call in advance and aren’t likely to schedule a future cleaning before they go. “They can’t plan where they’re going to be….These are mostly one-time patients,” he told CNN. Patients apparently who are in serious pain. His most frequent request: “Do you pull teeth?” Turns out he does.

But he doesn’t take fleet cards.

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Photo Copyright Connor Lawless under the Creative Commons license