Be prepared: Have a checklist ready before an employee leaves

May 12, 2009
Whether an employee is leaving voluntarily or involuntarily, losing an employee is never easy. And unfortunately, in today’s economy, employee turnover is more common then not. CNN reports that businesses with fewer than 500 employees collectively shed an estimated 414,000 jobs nationwide in April, the 15th consecutive month of employment declines at America’s small businesses.

Before your employee walks out the door for the last time, be sure that you do the following:
  • Collect ALL company-issued property, which can include laptops, cell phones, building keys, etc.
  • If your employee had a company credit or business fuel card, be sure to collect their cards and contact your issuer immediately to cancel their accounts.
  • Collect any email or voicemail passwords from the employee, then change or disable account access. This can prevent frustrated ex-employees from sending out embarrassing or potentially damaging messages (and we’ve heard some stories) from their old corporate accounts.
  • Be sure that the employee’s contact information is up-to-date. This will prevent you from contacting Dog the Bounty Hunter when you have to send out their W-2’s at tax time.
  • Keep the employee’s personnel file and paperwork in a safe place – do NOT throw it away. You may need the information to give a reference check, refute a claim or verify employment dates.

These are just a few, but important tips. We recommend adding additional ones specific to your company, then distributing the list to trusted colleagues – managers, human resources, or your assistant, so that it doesn’t fall on your shoulders only.

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