To Wrap or Not to Wrap Your Fleet Vehicles

May 07, 2009
Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting in traffic on the highway and a few cars up from you sits an 18-wheeler with a giant double cheeseburger plastered on the side of it.

Other than the guy rocking out in the car next to you, it’s the only thing you have to look at and as an advertisement it is starting to eat away at the promise you made to yourself to put an end to super-sizing, happy meals or #3 combos.

The next thing you know, that 10 ft tall, 15 ft wide cheeseburger that was professionally designed and photographed for thousands of dollars now has you pulling off the next exit ramp, sitting in the drive thru, justifying that the new Oreo Cookie shake available for a limited time only is a must as well.

The point is, as a marketing device, your fleet vehicle has the potential to be a highly valuable marketing resource, or in worst-case scenarios, one that hurts your business.

If you are thinking about wrapping your vehicles, or looking at redesigning them, here are few things to consider:
  • Does your vehicle commands attention in a way that is consistent with the rest of your brand?
  • Does the design on the vehicle cheapen your brand in any way?
  • Does the marketing on your vehicle pique curiosity and increase recall through relevance to its target? Is it memorable in it’s approach…while staying on brand?
  • If you are fronting a new brand, does it educate the viewer as to what your product or service is?
  • Does the vehicle provide a clear action step or contact information to your prospective consumers?

As you may well know, consumers can make a judgment pretty quickly on a brand. Setting the right perception may make the difference between whether your next meal is a nice filet mignon or…a double cheeseburger off the dollar menu.

Photo copyright of misocrazy under the Creative Commons license