Ford Wants to Electrify Your Fleet

May 06, 2009
The marketplace for the next generation of fleet vans is about to get pretty crowded. As you may have seen in one of our recent postings, upstart automaker Bright Automotive introduced the IDEA, an all-electric delivery van that promises to get the equivalent of 100 mpg on 50-mile trips.

This announcement came on the heels of Ford’s announcement back in February, that the auto giant would be producing an Electric-Powered Commercial Van of their own.

The pure battery electric-powered light commercial vehicle referred to as the Transit Connect light commercial vehicle with battery electric power is Ford’s response to a growing number of commercial vehicle fleet clients who are turning to efficient and cleaner alternatives as they renew their vehicles.

While Bright Automotive’s IDEA won’t be available until 2013, the Transit Connect with battery electric power is the first of Ford’s new electric vehicle plan to bring battery-powered vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids to market.

Ford is working with Smith Electric Vehicles, a company based in the U.K. that has been converting vehicles to battery electric power since 1920 and the Transit Connect is already available in Europe.

As a fleet manager, reduced operation and maintenance costs over the long haul may just be part of the value of making the shift to an electric powered vehicle as the government is introducing federal and regional programs that offer incentives for companies to electrify their fleets.

We want to know what your plans are. Do you think your next fleet upgrade will go electric?

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