Are You a Successful Commercial Fleet Manager?

May 05, 2009
This week, Work Truck Online looks at effective fleet managers and the traits they share in keeping their vehicles running as safely and efficiently as possible.

See if your management style matches up:

1. Goal-Oriented Fleet Management – Are your goals in step with the company’s overall mission?

2. Focus on the Internal Customer – Keep senior management informed and the company’s interests foremost in all fleet management decisions.

3. Develop Partnerships with Suppliers – Work with suppliers and other partners to optimize performance.

4. Practices Strategic Fleet Management – Treat every decision you make, from vehicle acquisition to how you choose your suppliers and manufacturers, as a high-level corporate decision.

5. Ability to Implement Effective Fleet Policies – be strategic in controlling costs. It can truly impact the bottom line.

Read the entire list here
, and we want to know: what do you think of the list? What would you add or delete?

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