Lost Art of CB Lingo: L-M

May 01, 2009
It’s Friday, which means it’s time to crank up the Jerry Reed and get ready for your weekly dose of CB lingo. This week, we’re running full speed right through the middle of the alphabet, hope no lady bear’s try to stop us.


Lady Bear – Female police officer

Lame – Broken down vehicle

Land Yacht – Mobile home or camper

Lane Lover – Someone who won’t budge out of a particular lane

Latrine Lips – One who has a dirty mouth

Lettuce – money

Line – Freight line company

Log some Z’s – Get some sleep

Loot Limo – Armored Car


Machine – Same as “Rig”

Mad Money – Expense account

Magic Mile – The last mile of any trip

Make it a best seller – Have a good trip

Mama – Girlfriend or wife

Man in Slicker – Fireman

Marker – Milepost on highway

Mayday – Distress call

Meatwagon – Ambulance

Mess-em-up – Accident

Mobile Eyeball – Checking out another truck while passing it

Mobile – Forrest Logging truck

Mobile Mattress – 4 wheeler pulling a camper

Money Bus – Armored truck

Monster Lane – Speed lane

Motion Lotion – Gas; fuel

Mr. Clean – Overtly cautious driver

Muck Truck – Cement truck

Mud – Coffee

Check back with us next week for N-O, or you can get a dictionary full of terms from the book, Woody’s World of CB.

10-4 from Hot-lanta.