Second Car Smoke

Apr 21, 2009

Protecting Your Fleet Investment

For many drivers, a fleet vehicle may not necessarily get the same treatment as their own personal car. But, as a manager, it’s important for you to keep tabs on the condition of your company vehicles both inside and out.

One of the areas that can sometimes be easy to overlook, but can be easily avoided is the overall cleanliness of a car or truck and cigarette smoke is one of the main culprits.

Cigarette smoke will stain any cloth fabric in a vehicle and a lit cigarette can burn holes in seats, carpet and upholstery.

Regular smoking will also leave an odor in the car that is virtually impossible to get rid of.

We all know it’s a tough habit to kick, but if you’re thinking long term, you may want to consider the fact that reassigning a vehicle that was occupied by a smoker often comes with a $200 price tag to clean and fumigate.

Also, smoke, and the damage it causes, can devalue a car or truck dramatically if you are trying to trade a fleet vehicle in.

So, while the cost of smoking may not affect your driver’s wallet, it will definitely make an impact on your bottom line.

Many companies today are adopting policies that ban smoking from their cars and trucks much like what has been done in the workplace.

In this day and age when every penny counts, if you haven’t instituted a policy to protect your investment, it may be time to have your drivers find a new place to smoke.

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