Lost Art of C-B Lingo: G – H

Apr 20, 2009

This week’s CB lingo lesson covers the letter’s G & H, which means we’re getting close to the alphabetical equivalent of the heartland of America.  The drivers in your fleet are sure to have noticed  a difference in your trucker talking ability by now.


Gas Jockey – Gas station attendant

Get horizontal – Lie down to sleep

Get Trucking – Make some distance.

Girlie Bear – Female cop

Go Ahead – Answer back.

Go Juice – Truck fuel

Got a copy? – Can you hear me?

Go to 100 – Restroom stop.

Green Stamp Collector – Police with radar

Ground Clouds – Fog

Guitar Town – Nashville


Hack – Taxi

Haircut palace – Bridge or overpass with low clearance

Hammer Down – Accelerate

Hay Shaker – Trailer transporting a mobile home

Highball – Go nonstop to your destination at a rapid pace.

High Rise – A large bridge or overpass.

Hip Pocket – Glove box.

Hot Lanta – Atlanta, Georgia

How tall are you? – How tall is your truck?

Hundred mile coffee – Strong coffee

Check back with us next week as we keep rolling down the alphabet highway, or you can get a dictionary full of terms from the book, Woody’s World of CB.

10-4 from Hot lanta.