Green Attributes Rate Lowest Among U.S. Consumers

Apr 16, 2009

Inspite of record-high gas prices a year ago, U.S. consumers still put fuel economy towards the end of their wish list when looking for a new vehicle, according to a recent press release.

In a study conducted by Alexander Edwards, president of automotive research for Strategic Vision, Inc., consumers were given a list of 124 attributes to rank in order of importance for their next vehicle purchase.

Overall environmental friendliness of the vehicle ranked 53rd, emissions controls ranked 87th, fuel economy/good mileage ranked 120th and fuel efficiency ranked dead last at 124th on the list.

Edwards will present the results of the entire study on a panel on Tuesday, April 21. Check back to see if iPod connectivity ranked number one on consumer’s wishlist.

Are you surprised that fuel economy came in last? What are some of the attributes that would be in your top 10 list?