Small Fleet Purchases Fall

Apr 07, 2009

Few buying new or used, or anything, really

What’s it going to take to get you into a new or gently used fleet vehicle today?

New car sales for commercial fleets are down 62.4%, compared to this time last year, according to CNW Marketing Research. Even used commercial, fleet and business sales are well below March 2008 numbers, says.

Percentage Change vs. March 2008

While partially a lack in confidence in the current business climate, this trend is likely due to lack of business across the board.

Less consumer spending. Less deliveries. Shipping costs are down. More consolidated routes. Having to go farther to break into the black. All of which makes it tough to justify the purchase of a new vehicle, let alone a small fleet of them.

So take care of the fleet you have and, in the long run, it will take care of business. Spend money on regular maintenance and firming up efficiencies like reducing unwanted purchases.

Soon enough the economy will bounce back. So will confidence and new business. With or without that new fleet smell.