The Lost Art of CB Radio: Part 2

Apr 03, 2009
Well our 1st blog on CB lingo was so popular there was a line waiting to get on our site from here to Cactus Patch (Phoenix, AZ). So, we thought we keep things rolling down Alphabet road and choose our favorites from C-D:


Cash Register -Toll booth

Chew ‘n choke -Restaurant

Checking My Eyelinds For Pin Holes -Tired or sleepy.

Check the seatcovers -Look at that passenger (usually a woman)

Chicken Coup- Weigh station

Christmas Card- Speeding ticket

Coffee Bean- Waiter or waitress

Colorado Kool Aid -Beer

Convoy- 2 or more vehicles traveling the same route.


Dead Pedal- Slow moving car or truck

Dice City- Las Vegas

Diesel Juice -Fuel oil

Dixie Cup- Female operator with southern accent

Doing the Five-Five- Traveling at 55mph

Don’t Feed The Bears- Don’t get any tickets

Double Nickel -55mph

Down and on the side -Through talking but listening.

Dream Weaver- Sleepy driver who is all over the road.

Dressed for the ball -You have your “Ears ON”, listening to the road conditions

Man, that was intense. I’m checking my eyelids for pinholes. I need a Colorado Kool-Aid and two tickets to Dice City after that. Check back next week when we make our pull off at the metaphorical exit ramp better known as E-F and G.