Wal-Mart Goes Green for Fleet Efficiency

Mar 24, 2009
The store made famous for its everyday low priced goods may soon also gain notoriety for the way it delivers those goods to the store— with an everyday low impact fleet.

According to Fleet Owner, Wal-Mart Stores will test four different types of environmentally friendly heavy-duty vehicles, including two hybrids and two alternatively-fueled trucks, throughout 2009.

“In order to meet our goal of doubling our fleet efficiency, we are taking an active role in the development of these technologies,” said Chris Sultemeier, Senior VP of transportation for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

With unpredictable gas prices coupled with an economy where fleet businesses may find themselves driving further to turn a profit, is this type of efficiency the road to the profitability?

What about businesses who cannot afford the costs of alternative fuel? Until then, your best bet may be other types of business efficiencies: fuel cards that don’t lock you in to a particular station, or ones that lock in a price, consolidating routes, routine maintenance or some type of fuel management program to control unwanted purchases and expenses.

It’s going to be a long road, but it doesn’t have to be a bumpy one.

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