GM’s Monster Truck Woes

Mar 24, 2009
General Motors Corp.’s latest profitability plan calls for the ailing automaker to close up to five undisclosed plants, according to an article on

The article speculated on the ones that are most vulnerable, and it seems that the company’s truck plants might take this one square on the grill.
  • GM’s Shreveport plant that produces Chevrolet Colorado and Canyon pick-ups, along with the now for sale Hummer line (1,500 workers)
  • Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra assembly plant in Pontiac, MI
  • V-6 and V-8 truck engine plants in Romulus, MI (900 workers)
  • Transmission facility in Ypsilanti, MI (1,500 workers)
  • Metal stamping plant at Mansfield, Ohio (1,250 workers)

Yes, the economy is sputtering. Yes, this is more bad news for the American workforce. But, there may be a silver lining, aside from GM being forced to refocus on smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. It’s entirely possible that small businesses with fleets experience some sort of trickle-down effect — where there’s still a demand for these fuel-thirsty workhorses.

At best, there are great deals out there on new GM trucks to add to your parking lot. At worst, a dealer can reduce the price, but not the size of its gas tank. And there’s no guarantee that your new ride fits in the parking space.