Fleets Seem to Be on the Road to Recovery

Mar 24, 2009
As an industry that is truly at the heart of America’s growth, fleet and trucking businesses usually feel the brunt of every twist and turn the economy takes. 2008’s roller coaster gas prices hit the fleet industry hard, and literally thousands of trucking businesses were forced to file for bankruptcy.

However, trucking companies that consolidated and found ways to run their fleets more efficiently not only have been surviving in this economic climate, they have been one of the few industries to actually be in a position to hire.

In an article posted on MSNBC.com that is part of an on-going series of reports on the re-invention of America and American business, trucking company managers say they have seen all walks of life, including white collar and blue collar professionals, college educated bankers and corporate executives, applying for jobs as drivers.

Fleet managers are reporting that job inquiries are up between 40-50%, giving them the “pick of the crop” for drivers where there used to be a shortage.

It is an interesting trend and one that could have an impact on your business as well, from hiring to making you look at ways to run your business more efficiently.

And to read more of the MSNBC posting from the article “Downturn Puts the Trucking Industry in the Driver’s Seat,” click  here.

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