Tire Shipments Continue to Drop in 2009

Mar 23, 2009

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, tire shipments are expected to drop more then 7% in 2009, following an almost 9% decline from the previous year.

As we reported earlier, the decline in units is closely tied to the cost of oil, a primary ingredient in the manufacturing process. The RMA also noted decreased consumer confidence, higher unemployment rates and a decline in vehicle miles travelled as other factors in the nearly 21 million unit decline.

However, 2010 will bring better news as analysts are predicting a turn-around in line with economic forecasts. Analysts predict that the industry will begin to recovery and ship an anticipated 270 million units.

With tire shipments on the decline for the next few months, its more important then ever that you get the most mileage out of the ones that you have. With a fleet card, you can monitor your vehicles performance and maintenance schedules to ensure that your vehicle’s tires are properly rotated and checked at the right time, giving you the most bang for your buck.

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