Auto Repair Scams on the Rise

Mar 23, 2009

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to stay afloat and bring in extra income. However, some are stooping to unscrupulous methods to bring in extra cash, and the Consumer Federation of America and CNN are reporting that auto repair fraud is one of the top scams on the rise.

Auto repair fraud, especially at U.S. dealerships, is sharply on the rise. Some of the less reputable dealers are trying to bill customers for unnecessary repairs or billing for repairs that aren’t needed.

There a number of ways to protect yourself and your company from being a victim of this scam:

  • Ask trusted friend and colleagues for referrals.
  • Get an estimate in writing and obtain a second estimate before any work is done.
  • Check your repair shop and dealership against the Better Business Bureau database.  
  • Monitor your vehicle’s performance with the reporting a fleet card provides so you can be sure you are not over-scheduling maintenance appointments.

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