American Idle

Mar 23, 2009

As last year’s spike in oil prices took its toll on fleet operations, managers across the country were looking for any and every possible way to save money on gas.

One technique that became critical was idle reduction. Idling vehicles use up to several billion gallons of fuel and emit large quantities of air pollution and greenhouse gases each year.

Idle reduction technologies and practices are an important way to cut petroleum consumption and emissions.  While not necessarily a new idea, companies that enforced the concept ended up seeing immediate savings both in the bank and in the tank.

These days, there are a different set of challenges facing fleet managers including environmental concerns and economic struggles that have kept idle reduction on many fleet managers radar.

Suppliers selling idle reduction systems have seen sales numbers increase dramatically over the last few years and there is also an increasing interest in on-board hybrid power systems that could end up sparking a true revolution in the trucking industry.

No matter what size your fleet is, today’s issues are also providing a true opportunity for smart thinking and innovative ideas that could mean savings in more ways than one.

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If you’re interested in looking into idle reduction systems for your fleet, here’s a list of companies you might want to look into: