Spokane Man Pays $550 Million Per Gallon for Fuel

Mar 19, 2009

Remember last summer when we thought $4 a gallon for fuel was bad? Well, one man in Spokane, Washington recently found out he paid $550 million per gallon when his bank alerted him to an $81 billion dollar charge on his account.

Juan Zamora thought he was putting $90 worth of gas into his car, until his bank alerted him of an $81 billion dollar charge. Yes, that’s billion, and yes, the bank tried to put it through. Zamora tried calling his bank, the gas station, even his card provider to get the charges reversed.

After a few sweat-inducing days with -$81 billion in his account, they finally traced the charge back to a computer error. The gas station indaverently used the station’s merchant ID as the amount.

Word to the wise: you can set spending limits with a fleet fuel card so you have 81 billion less things to worry about.

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