Fleet reporting: One of the most powerful features of a fleet card is the reporting that it offers- the information that these reports provide can be customized to help identify trends directly associated with your business. These reports can also help eliminate unauthorized spending and monitor expenses by department or project cost, as well as save valuable administrative time. Reporting is available in a variety of formats to choose from including paper, e-mail or for download in Excel. Below is a sample of the types of reporting that the right fleet gas card can provide:   

  • General:
    • Account activity reports- quickly and easily see the activity for each fleet card, vehicle or driver.
    •  Summary reports- A snapshot of all drivers and vehicles that will give you a brief but detailed view of account transactions, vehicle mileage and more.
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance & Vehicle Reports- learn how each vehicle in your fleet is performing and keep track of scheduled maintenance and repairs. Maintenance reports allow you to ensure that your vehicles are operating at their optimal level, and can help identify when they are not.
  • Exception
    • Exception reports- allow you to identify purchases outside of your set policy. You choose the exceptions that you want reported and establish the limits for each. Exception reports provide complete transaction data by vehicle, including driver, location, date and time of transaction.