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Fuelman Advantage Fleet Card

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Can I save money with this fleet card and are there any discounts?

With the Fuelman Advantage fleet card, you will save money every day through rebates on fuel purchases based on how many unleaded and diesel gallons you purchase per month. Additionally, by leveraging Fuelman’s extensive purchase controls and reporting, you will save through reduced theft and fraud.
Why is it better to use the Fuelman Advantage card vs. cash or house accounts?

Our card helps reduce fraud, control drivers expenses by time of day and product type through real time reports, real time access to transactions and real time alerts.  In addition, formatted reports and spreadsheets are readily available for management review, reducing your expense management.
How does the Fuelman Advantage fleet card save me money?

Our customers see a reduction in their overall fuel costs.  That’s because our program allows you to set a fleet fueling policy with built-in cost controls – including reports that highlight discrepancies and unauthorized purchases.  Many customers gain a 10% savings through our fueling controls.  
Will your card be convenient for my drivers?

Locations: Fuelman has an exclusive low price fueling network with over 50,000 sites across the nation – with a location close to your business/office.  In addition, there are over 15,000 maintenance merchants waiting to service your vehicles - many offer national account pricing for your fleets – no matter the size.

Locate a Fuelman site through our easy to use site locator at or  If you need a site to become a Fuelman merchant send a request to TODAY!

Usage: Fuelman is easy to use.  Drivers swipe their card either at the pump or inside the store; enter their PIN and odometer reading to begin fueling.  You can monitor their activity real time, through alerts and reports.  Fuelman Advantage card sets purchase limits by gallon amounts vs. dollar amounts accommodating your account during potential rising fuel prices. 
What kind of security and control will your card give me?

Fuelman Advantage has the most extensive set of controls in the industry, such as gallon limits which are set at card level, gallon restrictions, product type, number of transactions per day/week and email alerts.
What kind of reporting is available?

Fuelman Advantage provides bi-weekly Fleet Fuel Management reports which include both fuel and maintenance transaction information combined onto one easy to read report.  We also have Optional Reports, available for your needs such as:
  • Maintenance
  • Exception
  • Denial
  • Employee Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Tax exemption
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual summaries
  • Customizable formats 
As a Fuelman Advantage member you will also have access to our Preventative Maintenance tool to track maintenance of your company’s vehicles.  Many reports can be exported to Excel or have an embedded Excel file for easy use with other applications.
What if my drivers need help in the middle of the night or on a weekend?

Fuelman Advantage has a dedicated staff available 24/7/365 days a year.  Our experienced authorization center will keep your drivers fueling and on the road.
We need tax reporting. Can you help us?

Yes, we can provide either tax exemptions at the pump or tax reporting like the Fuelman Advantage tax reports that itemize fuel excise taxes and meet IFTA standards.  So no matter your tax reporting needs, Fuelman has the right report for your organization.
How do I sign up? What will I need to set up my account?

It is very quick and easy to sign up for the Fuelman Advantage fleet card.  Apply Now for the Fuelman Advantage card.
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