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FleetCards USA Develops News Aggregator to Keep People Abreast of Rising Gas Prices

by Robert Darnall | May 09, 2008

NORCROSS, GEORGIA – May 9, 2008 – With the high cost of fuel, there is a growing need for accurate, up-to-date fueling information. FleetCards USA has developed a news aggregator that delivers the breaking news to your website, blog or social media platform.


“America’s businesses are dependent on the price of fuel,” says Mike Noles, President, FleetCards USA. “Receiving the latest information about gas prices can be absolutely critical; it can be  the difference between making a profit or not.”


Escalating fuel prices has contributed to the rising cost of commodities and consumer good shortages, since more and more companies are finding it too expensive to continue to use the traditional transportation means for deliveries.


“The fleet and transportation industry has been the hardest hit by the increase in fuel costs,” says Noles. “It’s absolutely necessary to be kept apprised of all recent developments, to adjust budgets and stay in business. We think the news aggregator is a great way to disseminate this vital information, as well as  anyone concerned with this growing crisis.”


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FleetCards USA ( is the largest commercial fleet card provider in the United States, enjoying partnerships with leading industry fueling networks and fleet card providers including: BP, ARCO, Chevron, Texaco, CITGO, and Fuelman. With nearly 25 years of experience, FleetCards USA is dedicated to finding the right fleet card for any company of any size. FleetCards USA is located in Norcross, Georgia.