Ford Transit Connect Popular with Small Businesses

Sep 03, 2009
Early sales of Ford’s new specialty fleet vehicle, the Transit Connect, indicate that small business owners are already big fans.  The initial shipments of the Transit Connect have been quickly snapped up at dealerships nationwide.

Ford reported that on a national basis, an average Transit Connect sells within 8 days of arriving on a dealer’s lot; significantly faster than the current turnover rate for most vehicles.

The Transit Connect is a unique vehicle that combines the cargo capacities of a full-size pickup truck with the profile of a van and the fuel economy of a medium-sized car: 22 city/25 highway miles per gallon.  It boasts a low enough clearance to clear any bridge or parking deck, and fits into a normal sized city parking space.  These features combined with its affordable price make the Transit Connect an enticing alternative to more traditional vehicles for small business use.

Ford commercial truck director Len Decula thinks the popularity of the Transit Connect means something more: “We see rising optimism among small business owners and strong demand for arriving Transit Connect vehicles among this group as reflections of an encouraging economic uptick.”

Photo courtesy of crazytales562 under the Creative Commons License .