Diesel Prices to Average $2.46

Aug 19, 2009
The US Department of Energy has released their latest forecast for diesel prices over the next year.  The average price this year is expected to level off at $2.46 per gallon, as was included in last month’s forecast.  The prediction of prices in 2010, however, has risen 5 cents to an average of $2.84 per gallon.

Diesel prices should remain relatively low in the United States for the next few months before seeing a rise toward the end of the year.  Prices are not expected to rise to the point of 2008’s average of $3.80 per gallon.  Last year saw the highest diesel price in history, with one gallon of fuel costing $4.76.

The current average price of diesel stands at $2.62, slightly higher than gasoline which is expected to average at $2.34.

With fuel costs a constant cause of concern for the small business fleet, utilizing efficient fuel practices is important regardless of the price of fuel.  For information on how to maximize your fleet’s fuel efficiency, click here.

Photo courtesy of futureatlas.com under the Creative Commons License.