The Lost Art of CB Lingo: N-O

May 08, 2009
Happy Friday to you good buddy, we’ve got your next installment of cb lingo and it’s covered in nightcrawlers. So put one foot out the door and one on the floor and get ready for N-O!


Nail it down – Pinpoint or recollect

Nap Trap – Place to sleep

Negative – No

Negative Copy – Didn’t hear

Negatory – No

Neon, Freon, Ion Jockey – Truck driver with many lights on his rig

Nightcrawlers – Many police in the area

Ninety Weight – Liquor

Nodding off – Getting tired

Nobody knows where the teddy bear goes – State troopers criss-crossing the freeway

Numbers – Best wishes. “3’s and 8’s”


Oil burner – Diesel truck

On the by – Listening, not talking

On the side – Standing by, available for a call, listening on frequency. O.M. (old man) – A CB’er

On a [insert city name] Turn – i.e.- “I’m on an Alamo turn” (I’ll make my return from San Antonio).

One foot on the floor, one hanging out the door, and she just won’t do no more – Full speed.

Open Season – Cops are everywhere

Out – Through transmitting

Outdoor TV – Drive-in movie

Over – Your turn to transmit

Over and out – Closing the transmission

Check back with us next week for a run down of the letters P-Q-R, or you can get a dictionary full of terms from the book, Woody’s World of CB.

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